Album: The Grand EP
All Rights Reserved. ©2008

01 - Masquerade

Dude’s in the corner.
Dude’s playing smooth.
Dude’s not alone, man.
Nah, Dude’s got some booze.
Dude feels the pressure.
Dude feels confused.
He’s useless.

She’s in the corner.
She’s calling friends.
Makeup and mirror; yeah, she set the trends.
But now she’s restless and must pretend she’s wanted.

If you can’t walk the line
You’ll be as good as blind
Grab the keys cause it’s looking like an evening drive.
You nail A through Z, but fail Z through A.
Sympathize cause I couldn’t do it yesterday.

I’ll take a gin & tonic, whiskey, vodka, rum & coke.
You try to bring it from the tender to the thirsty folk,
And then spill heavy from some bumble stumble drunken joke.
Let’s stone him.

Now when you move you gotta follow with the drunken drum.
And if you groove you gotta end it with a hit and run.
But don’t get surly if you make a mess and blow the fun;
You’re toasted.

Why girls smirk – they look better than truth?
Tripped in a trap what’s a drunk… to do?
When bars go dry? Smuggle jugs in your shoe.
When rooms go dark; Masquerades bloom.