Beautiful Prison Lyrics
Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

On the Line

Oh I like you
And you like me
So I’ll kiss you
For your TV
I want to see
That the lines fed
That your names there
Just like you said
And I like you
And you like me
So I’ll kiss you
Are you pretty?

Yeah you thought so
Held against me
You can pack up
Your vain beauty
You can talk but
I like silent
I just wish she
Were less violent

I walked away outside
When I had left
Would you feel right, inside?
I climbed out
The tree last night
She always felt she was delight
And just can’t handle this

You try to fit with fame, what if fame has forgot you
You try to fit with fame, what has fame ever got you
You try to fit with fame, what if Famous forgot you

You try to fit with fame, what has fame ever got you
You try to play the game
You try to fit with fame
You try to play so vain

Love You Too

“I am so deeply, passionately in love with you
Let’s share bank accounts so I can play Ponzi too
I hate when you try to be with me; just get a clue
You look so ugly I think you need a face tattoo

Summertime you got so annoying
Autumn came, I wish you would die
Wintertime, I borrowed your money
Spring crime paid the hitman to lie

Have I told you what I do after you drive away
I call this girl; I invite her for the night to stay
But don’t you worry hunny, I don’t even sleep with her
She and I stay awake and play; it’s wonderful


And even if she forgets I take my caffeine pill
Seems so silly you’d like to kill me; just chill
You act as if you were bl-nd and never saw my disguise
Remember alls I am is a powerless nice guy


You thought you were so sharp, cause you had the estrogen
You should have seen me and her when we were in our den
I just wish sometimes that you would look like her instead
I am so deeply passionately in love,” I said

Don’t Break

I walked the streets so much I thought I was a taxicab
My mind’s so poisoned, dressed in long white coats – a walking lab
Narcotic impulses awaken all my sleeping dreams
Bucolic neighborhoods are shaken up with empty screams

Your vacant heart was building up with plaque and loving themes
But he don’t really care & razor cuts your arteries
Now you come crying and explain it till your lost for words
But my shoulder don’t have grass seed, its pure astroturf

He says, “Baby, wont ya come to me”
She cries softly, she likes to bleed
And I don’t really care too much
As I’m not your psychologist and I’m not your crutch

Its like a star that burns but really houses Satan’s bed
It looks so tempting as it pulses warm and glowing red
But really alls it is, seems to be the only pain
And just when it looks like the sun will come it starts to rain

So here I am with more umbrellas than I really need
But its not my job to be like crack, help your heart to speed
So I’ll just walk away and let you chase the tailpipe
And float into oblivion and turn you into type


Remember when your fickleness was so predictable?
Remember when your narcolepsy was a sleeping pill?
Remember how I asked you if you could just move away?
Remember why I tricked tomorrow into yesterday?


The casket is carried, I can’t see his head
The choir is chanting the speech of the dead
I listen intently for lies being spread
I bet he’s feeling lonely, humming lost time,
does he feel the tears of the darkened sky?

It’s chilly in autumn, depending where you hurt
The gathering is honest, lies before the dirt
You grimace at the wind, you try to stay alert
Everybodys’ thoughts shown out under the blue moon
Afraid to be the next centerpiece soon

One soul as an arrow, shot through the dark
Laid in a narrow, shaft in the park
Life is so fragile, it crumbles like sand
A step toward sheer disaster, a step towards your demise
A step towards the building, drenched in cries

You can’t hear me, what did you say?
You can’t hear me, what did you say?
The hole is made by an old shovel blade
And it’s singing the song that it’s father had made

I don’t really want to be there for you

Sandi’s Ego

Danny said to Sally
Sally said to Joe
I don’t want to be here
I don’t think I’ll let go
Danny comes around and says
That Sally came again
That’s the way it always is
Then you end up dead

I can’t hear you (she’s so fake)
If I knew (I’d forsake)

Bobby said to Mary
Susan let me in
Open up and welcome me
Let’s all be friends
And if you forgive me
I’ll forget you told
That’s ok I never said
Your heart was cold

That’s the way I knew it
Cause she just acts blind
And if she don’t like it
Then that’s just fine
That’s the way she fakes it
You can breath real hard
And when you’re hardly breathing
I will stand up proud

Standing outside lonely
You can see her breath
Once hotter than the Hindenburg
She has nothing left
It’s just too bad that
She was just too good
Couldn’t spare a word then,
Now she can’t spare a piece of wood

I can’t hear you. I learned your trick.
If I knew you made me sick

Grey Matter

Cash is king unless you’re queen, in which case it’s your servant
Smash the things that prevent you from getting what you want
Self-worth multiplies like flies when the landfill rises
Burning wreckage for the steam to make your dreams come true

Sacrifice your family
Just so you can make believe
Multiply your enemies
You are worth it
Give the keys to your disease
Sell the truth to be deceived
Only then can you perceive that
You are worth it

She sports a rock so big, it gave her wrist arthritis
She knows, her choice of clothes, breed love and jealousy
She goes, from point to point, in a box that locks the retina
She flirts with bankruptcy, but ain’t that worth a soul?

CHORUS and such

She lays herself on down and takes her final breath
She lays herself on down and enters into death
She lays herself on down and left what she possessed
She lays herself on down and left what she possessed
She is gone.
All is gone.


Staring out stained windows, watching children play
Invitation must have, been sent but got delayed
I don’t think the clocks right, its got to find its way
Been waiting for a phone call
Been waiting eighty days

As sun and moon trade places, the faces always change
But the quiet haunting seconds, continue to remain
Let me out my window
Let me run with you
Talk to me just one time
Let me know it’s true

If he hates, why can’t he kill some more?
If he loves, why can’t he pay her for?
If he is, huff again and
Glue it nice and make him whole
If he speaks, they make a mockery
If he shoots, hand out the lottery
If he stops, standing still, oh I am

Waiting at a bus stop, inhale deep with fumes
I lost my only token, and need to tie my shoes
Start a conversation, I’ll mutter at myself
A simple life is richer, than all the world’s wealth

I’m floating cause its coming
I’m floating cause it close
I’m floating up with water
I’m floating down the coast
I’m floating by the window
I’m floating on a thrill
I’m floating till she called me,
Now I’m floating down a hill

Fl---ing on the floor
Fl---ing on the floor
I’m swimming in dreams all day, wait to float how you say

Sunset Silhouette
Evading the death
I’ll take one more breath alive.

No. 122

As numbers dance across the stage
She quickly closes the curtains unfazed
The damage done, spectators leave their seats
It’s a long night to sleep in torrid heat

I’m tired (just rest that head back baby)
I’m tired (leave me alone)
I sigh (cause moon is rising baby)
I sigh (hang up that phone)

I walk many things on the mind
While emotions leashed and walked behind
I never knew it could happen like this
It’s not a time I wish I won’t miss


She screams that it ain’t her fault but
She knows she’s been collared and caught
Many thoughts trickle through that head but
With lights turned on, the show’s deemed dead

Lash me once,
I bleed and burn
Lash me twice,
I twist and turn
Lash me thrice,
I will answer, “You’re (my/the) cancer”

Chasing the Dragon

Can’t feel great when you’re running late and your time is at the end
Can’t feel great on your wedding date when she’s left with her new friend
Now here I am, by a garbage can, and I’m sitting cause its free
There you are, in your luxury car, but would never talk to me
One more hole in your black pea coat where a button doesn’t go
One more s--- on the sidewalk street stolen from the show
And now your fears and misguided cares are twisted up inside
You’re afraid to trust again, your mind is fully blind

Fix my tie, cause it’s looking like a crime scene
Fix my tie, cause the day had just begun
Fix my tie, cause it’s looking like a crime scene
Fix my tie, we’re not even close to done

In the wooden sticks, near the building bricks, where the air is always cold
Where the fire eats, and growls heat, with the spirits growing bold
One sharp twist, if you blinked you missed, the kiss that never told
One fountain, in a mountain spring, that keeps the youth from old

Put you in the clouds again
I’ll put you in the clouds my friend
Push me backwards from the end
I’ll put you in the clouds again
We’re in the reverse of down

Oh destiny, you’re tempting me,
Now, now, now

Everybody’s talking funny
Angel dust drips heaven’s honey
Nothing was the something that kept stealing passe

Everyone just keep your money

I can’t see what wrong with right but,
They might.
They might leave

The Anthem

I never said said
That you weren’t quite dead
That my pencil’s lead
Was drying like ink

Never quite said
What’s in your head
Was a book I read
Crayon to colour with

I don’t want to know
That you don’t say no
When they know you know
You’ll end up dead

Don’t want to think
That I thought to drink
That I drank the cup
That you had spilled

Go to sleep, eyes so weak

Little, little sky
What’s in your eye
Do you think I might
Ask again?

Suk Nip Hsop
Did your brain just drop
Did you train just stop
For nine-hundred?

Spend those bucks
On some new Jeep trucks
Or some hired sluts
You Armani-man

Now I’ll go to sleep
As I sink deep, deep
With these concrete treats
Around my feet

Go to sleep, eyes so weak
He stole your dreams,
He sold your dreams

Simple things are all I care (about)

Distilling Star

Put that money down
Get your knees down on the ground
Don’t make me turn around
Don’t play me like a clown
As I’m pointing at your dome
Bout to clean your home alone
Gonna fill the trunk up
You’ll be breathing like a stone
In my mind

Stopping at the curb
Throw the doors out onto Main
Blow through the front doors
Flash the chrome
Start to wave as
Bodies hit the floor
Echoes ringing through the brain
Stash the paper in the bag
Whisper, “Have a nice day, in my name”

I don’t really want to lie
I don’t really wanna lie down baby
I don’t really want this crime
I don’t really want you to cry now baby

Flying along the tar
Needles spitting in the wind
Don’t have another second
With my patience wearing thin
And it’s windy when hanging
When the shots are bleeding red
But the foot is planted firmly
And the victory is set
It’s my bet

Pass the party up
For the crowd out on the street
Sell a couple tweedledees and another vital treat
This is my night


Sitting round the table
Light is flickering above
I can really take her breath
I can really feel her love
As whistling concurs to break this all apart
Chairs are flying through the air
Doors are snapping from the shove
In my den

Was a real nice try
To find the real nice guy
While I’m climbing through the pa--s
For the very last time

Cause the clock is ticking down
And the lock is spinning round
It’s one last glance
‘fore the barrel’s clicking sound
In my ear