Distilling Star

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

Put that money down
Get your knees down on the ground
Don’t make me turn around
Don’t play me like a clown
As I’m pointing at your dome
Bout to clean your home alone
Gonna fill the trunk up
You’ll be breathing like a stone
In my mind

Stopping at the curb
Throw the doors out onto Main
Blow through the front doors
Flash the chrome
Start to wave as
Bodies hit the floor
Echoes ringing through the brain
Stash the paper in the bag
Whisper, “Have a nice day, in my name”

I don’t really want to lie
I don’t really wanna lie down baby
I don’t really want this crime
I don’t really want you to cry now baby

Flying along the tar
Needles spitting in the wind
Don’t have another second
With my patience wearing thin
And it’s windy when hanging
When the shots are bleeding red
But the foot is planted firmly
And the victory is set
It’s my bet

Pass the party up
For the crowd out on the street
Sell a couple tweedledees and another vital treat
This is my night


Sitting round the table
Light is flickering above
I can really take her breath
I can really feel her love
As whistling concurs to break this all apart
Chairs are flying through the air
Doors are snapping from the shove
In my den

Was a real nice try
To find the real nice guy
While I’m climbing through the pa--s
For the very last time

Cause the clock is ticking down
And the lock is spinning round
It’s one last glance
‘fore the barrel’s clicking sound

In my ear