The Anthem

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

I never said said
That you weren’t quite dead
That my pencil’s lead
Was drying like ink

Never quite said
What’s in your head
Was a book I read
Crayon to colour with

I don’t want to know
That you don’t say no
When they know you know
You’ll end up dead

Don’t want to think
That I thought to drink
That I drank the cup
That you had spilled

Go to sleep, eyes so weak

Little, little sky
What’s in your eye
Do you think I might
Ask again?

Suk Nip Hsop
Did your brain just drop
Did you train just stop
For nine-hundred?

Spend those bucks
On some new Jeep trucks
Or some hired sluts
You Armani-man

Now I’ll go to sleep
As I sink deep, deep
With these concrete treats
Around my feet

Go to sleep, eyes so weak
He stole your dreams,
He sold your dreams

Simple things are all I care (about)