Chasing the Dragon

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

Can’t feel great when you’re running late and your time is at the end
Can’t feel great on your wedding date when she’s left with her new friend
Now here I am, by a garbage can, and I’m sitting cause its free
There you are, in your luxury car, but would never talk to me
One more hole in your black pea coat where a button doesn’t go
One more s--- on the sidewalk street stolen from the show
And now your fears and misguided cares are twisted up inside
You’re afraid to trust again, your mind is fully blind

Fix my tie, cause it’s looking like a crime scene
Fix my tie, cause the day had just begun
Fix my tie, cause it’s looking like a crime scene
Fix my tie, we’re not even close to done

In the wooden sticks, near the building bricks, where the air is always cold
Where the fire eats, and growls heat, with the spirits growing bold
One sharp twist, if you blinked you missed, the kiss that never told
One fountain, in a mountain spring, that keeps the youth from old

Put you in the clouds again
I’ll put you in the clouds my friend
Push me backwards from the end
I’ll put you in the clouds again
We’re in the reverse of down

Oh destiny, you’re tempting me,
Now, now, now

Everybody’s talking funny
Angel dust drips heaven’s honey
Nothing was the something that kept stealing passe

Everyone just keep your money

I can’t see what wrong with right but,
They might.
They might leave