No. 122

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

As numbers dance across the stage
She quickly closes the curtains unfazed
The damage done, spectators leave their seats
It’s a long night to sleep in torrid heat

I’m tired (just rest that head back baby)
I’m tired (leave me alone)
I sigh (cause moon is rising baby)
I sigh (hang up that phone)

I walk many things on the mind
While emotions leashed and walked behind
I never knew it could happen like this
It’s not a time I wish I won’t miss


She screams that it ain’t her fault but
She knows she’s been collared and caught
Many thoughts trickle through that head but
With lights turned on, the show’s deemed dead

Lash me once,
I bleed and burn
Lash me twice,
I twist and turn
Lash me thrice,
I will answer, “You’re (my/the) cancer