Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

Staring out stained windows, watching children play
Invitation must have, been sent but got delayed
I don’t think the clocks right, its got to find its way
Been waiting for a phone call
Been waiting eighty days

As sun and moon trade places, the faces always change
But the quiet haunting seconds, continue to remain
Let me out my window
Let me run with you
Talk to me just one time
Let me know it’s true

If he hates, why can’t he kill some more?
If he loves, why can’t he pay her for?
If he is, huff again and
Glue it nice and make him whole
If he speaks, they make a mockery
If he shoots, hand out the lottery
If he stops, standing still, oh I am

Waiting at a bus stop, inhale deep with fumes
I lost my only token, and need to tie my shoes
Start a conversation, I’ll mutter at myself
A simple life is richer, than all the world’s wealth

I’m floating cause its coming
I’m floating cause it close
I’m floating up with water
I’m floating down the coast
I’m floating by the window
I’m floating on a thrill
I’m floating till she called me,
Now I’m floating down a hill

Fl---ing on the floor
Fl---ing on the floor
I’m swimming in dreams all day, wait to float how you say

Sunset Silhouette
Evading the death
I’ll take one more breath alive.