Sandi's Ego

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

Danny said to Sally
Sally said to Joe
I don’t want to be here
I don’t think I’ll let go
Danny comes around and says
That Sally came again
That’s the way it always is
Then you end up dead

I can’t hear you (she’s so fake)
If I knew (I’d forsake)

Bobby said to Mary
Susan let me in
Open up and welcome me
Let’s all be friends
And if you forgive me
I’ll forget you told
That’s ok I never said
Your heart was cold

That’s the way I knew it
Cause she just acts blind
And if she don’t like it
Then that’s just fine
That’s the way she fakes it
You can breath real hard
And when you’re hardly breathing
I will stand up proud

Standing outside lonely
You can see her breath
Once hotter than the Hindenburg
She has nothing left
It’s just too bad that
She was just too good
Couldn’t spare a word then,
Now she can’t spare a piece of wood

I can’t hear you. I learned your trick.
If I knew you made me sick