Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

The casket is carried, I can’t see his head
The choir is chanting the speech of the dead
I listen intently for lies being spread
I bet he’s feeling lonely, humming lost time,
does he feel the tears of the darkened sky?

It’s chilly in autumn, depending where you hurt
The gathering is honest, lies before the dirt
You grimace at the wind, you try to stay alert
Everybodys’ thoughts shown out under the blue moon
Afraid to be the next centerpiece soon

One soul as an arrow, shot through the dark
Laid in a narrow, shaft in the park
Life is so fragile, it crumbles like sand
A step toward sheer disaster, a step towards your demise
A step towards the building, drenched in cries

You can’t hear me, what did you say?
You can’t hear me, what did you say?
The hole is made by an old shovel blade
And it’s singing the song that it’s father had made

I don’t really want to be there for you