Don't Break

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

I walked the streets so much I thought I was a taxicab
My mind’s so poisoned, dressed in long white coats – a walking lab
Narcotic impulses awaken all my sleeping dreams
Bucolic neighborhoods are shaken up with empty screams

Your vacant heart was building up with plaque and loving themes
But he don’t really care & razor cuts your arteries
Now you come crying and explain it till your lost for words
But my shoulder don’t have grass seed, its pure astroturf

He says, “Baby, wont ya come to me”
She cries softly, she likes to bleed
And I don’t really care too much
As I’m not your psychologist and I’m not your crutch

Its like a star that burns but really houses Satan’s bed
It looks so tempting as it pulses warm and glowing red
But really alls it is, seems to be the only pain
And just when it looks like the sun will come it starts to rain

So here I am with more umbrellas than I really need
But its not my job to be like crack, help your heart to speed
So I’ll just walk away and let you chase the tailpipe
And float into oblivion and turn you into type


Remember when your fickleness was so predictable?
Remember when your narcolepsy was a sleeping pill?
Remember how I asked you if you could just move away?
Remember why I tricked tomorrow into yesterday?