Love You Too

Album: Beautiful Prison
All Rights Reserved. ©2007

“I am so deeply, passionately in love with you
Let’s share bank accounts so I can play Ponzi too
I hate when you try to be with me; just get a clue
You look so ugly I think you need a face tattoo

Summertime you got so annoying
Autumn came, I wish you would die
Wintertime, I borrowed your money
Spring crime paid the hitman to lie

Have I told you what I do after you drive away
I call this girl; I invite her for the night to stay
But don’t you worry hunny, I don’t even sleep with her
She and I stay awake and play; it’s wonderful


And even if she forgets I take my caffeine pill
Seems so silly you’d like to kill me; just chill
You act as if you were bl-nd and never saw my disguise
Remember alls I am is a powerless nice guy


You thought you were so sharp, cause you had the estrogen
You should have seen me and her when we were in our den
I just wish sometimes that you would look like her instead
I am so deeply passionately in love,” I said